by Basmati

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recorded in space june 2014
mixed by ethan gensurowsky at the palace
mastered by dave watkins
all songs by brandon graig and basmati
basmati is :
louis henninger-drums
seaton kerby- bass
brandon graig- guitar, vocals, sampler
artwork by josef paulk


released November 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Basmati Richmond, Virginia

just 3 boys livin in a house

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Track Name: Guava
pull back the vein
so i can see what's bothering
my braided brain
knit from things found
in the caves of bruises and love
felt like some guava might help
and the snow
melts in time
and it felt fine
leaking off the pines
felt good to be rhyming
the spelling of the night
and is anything worth doing?
i had to talk to you tonight
i forgot what was mine
sky is looking strung out
shape it out like a mime
bad weather with no sound
i forgot what was mine
but i know that you're mine
call before when you don't know anyone but the tide and moon
cos i don't like this energy
eyes would shrink
and turn hands pink
there's no use festering
stick your feet in the dirt and sink down
Track Name: Head Womb
my vision seemed to blink
and pulse with coral fevers
it started to leak from inside out
i didn't want to leave
any thoughts or memories
on the ground i stained with ruby mud
and its not the problems i'm faced with
its the ground i found my face in
and i know i saw you when i was drinking
but i wasn't too sure if it was a dream
i didn't know where it came from
seeing shapes and different wave forms
reaching out from the strange tongue
of my head wound
hope it stops bleeding
nothing like waking up
something in the room
staring like an owl
at the hole it had to live in now
displace this place
anywhere will do
what if time could slow down?
Track Name: Floaty One
every time i look up there
i don't really care
and every time you're feeling scared
you just spit a prayer and then feel repaired
i've never finished anything
melody won't grow
when the head gets loose and tears
let it roll off
floating in time
Track Name: Glitterus
this head without a memory
this head with all the casualties
you bend without an enemy
this head without you would have nothing to say at all
Track Name: Cheap Cum
alright lost sight
the teeth in your mouth learn how to frown
alright calm mind
try to zone out forget all about it
forget it all
sometimes you wake up and feel so slow
you get high and watch the tide roll in over your toes
please don't give me that cheap cum
Track Name: Crooks
have god or have not
the thought rose from my hat
its the same song
our love is older than grape leaves and saffron
its the same song
bad ground
the crooks found me passed out on your couch
its the same song
our love's heart throbs
in cold leaves and saffron
its the same song
to millions of people
gather around
maybe you emerged from the caves to say that you'd gone away
takes me so long to make and then i throw it away
but i love it anyway
remember all those houses?
people used to live there
way down south and they talked about society
but all around people frowned and sighed
Track Name: Yawny
i decided it wasn't important so it dissolved
the feeling in your throat was like a hive
buzzing around without your stinger can make you yawn
something in your throat just wasn't right
theres no time to talk the fields within your eyes
theres mountains in your mind to try and climb
its all in your skull now
the lull of the nautical mind
what's with all this worrying about the times ahead?
when your not the same mind you'd decide with then
future looks so green and seasick
when its only your mind your sighing with
watching it all on VHS
tape it
living in the fall
with my baby doll
is all i got
Track Name: Leaves
getting taller with time while my tree rings grow
age inside like a redwood
maybe well all feel just fine while the tea leaves soak
mind water for swimming
remember drawing those lines in the sandy cove
just to wash and erase them
maybe well all feel just fine while the tea leaves soak
mind water for swimming
sometimes i feel older don't you brother?
when im living in a toke or a dime
and i warble and moan
like an old dog all the time
Track Name: Baghdad Battery
i thawed out like frost
and felt human humidity
sweat off a bad thought
broke its dusty teeth
i felt like an artifact thinking of times
i would melt and climb
the chills of your cheek lines
and feel happy as ice
maybe it's wrong
we desire perfection
maybe it's wrong to try
to be more than dirt and debris
dirt in the breeze
i am the dirt in the breeze
the mind was ripe enough
i wiped the juice off my mouth
dribbled on a clay crown
an electric tide
filled the dunes