Perpetual Smile

by Basmati



recorded in the cucumber garden june 2016 by chris compton
produced by chris compton
mastered by scott craggs
all songs by brandon graig and basmati except "shivering" by brandon graig and louis henninger
artwork is a still from the film "the mummy 3: tomb of the dragon emperor"


released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Basmati Richmond, Virginia

just 3 boys livin in a house

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Track Name: Vultures
vultures. when i was a kid i’d climb the branch down the block but i couldn’t find it anywhere so i forgot always in my thoughts in the cornstalks
and the cracks felt sick with imperfection the sidewalk’s remembering every single one all those rusted clocks twisted knots
gotta get away from what i couldn’t say to you my friend what i couldn’t say to my mother that i cried when papa passed i just break and then splinter like bad rain on your harbor
the always circling vulture
i’ve grown so tired of it
painted a picture in my mind you didn’t know my name i didn’t happen
you didn’t know my name we didn’t happen
Track Name: In The Shade
in the shade. skeletal shore you’re on miss the warmth of the nest the beak and the worm and the one who’s being fed
you’re alone on the nile floating past a dark vase feeling like a fading cave painting
made it grow on your own held the seeds in your hands and wondered why the water ended up drowning the plant
make it snow or don’t somewhere above there’s the rose and the eye and the dirt carpet laid over what’s left behind after us
in a swamp feelings sulk feelings rot a surrealist is drawing them
drawing us
am i the culprit in the shade who’s been hiding out for days just to fall down
am i a portrait in a haze so many different ways to paint it faces start to frown
am i the evil in the veins choking those with lower wages hope you fall down
don’t stop to get off living’s all you got don’t stop you’re in the shade
Track Name: Neck Of The Woods
neck of the woods. found this head in the neck of the woods and i kept on crawling down into the spine until the feeling died
if i ever see you in this neck of the woods then i just might keep crawling down into the spine
it’s growing darker now the neck of the woods has found us but we keep crawling down
if you needed me then maybe you needed a breath this is our winter just breathe out your breath will become a cloud
Track Name: Shivering
shivering. it’s like the beating of a drum i’m drinking liquor out of skulls
lost the color in those eyes displaced as if the color was to blame for the feeling that something’s changed between us
letting go another dawn spectral love my mildew heart
it’s like the beating of a drum i’m drinking liquor out of skulls like when our dead leaves start to fall i’m just a tapestry on the wall
what ripped pages meant to say is different in every way there’s time and there’s place it’s different
Track Name: Where My Lonely Drifters At
where my lonely drifters at. corner of my eye dead meteorite always something to pocket i felt nauseous because i’m the mirage and i’m a morrocan smoking hashish that’s the burroughs talking always wrong owe it to you sewing the bruise
corner of my eye dead meteorite something something sarcophagus that’s where i burrowed that feeling
i was bored on top of the mountain i was born in a bed of klonopin i would break my face to ignore it i would break it all for you because you make me feel like halloween
Track Name: Understand
understand. i’m just trying to understand myself i’ve been living in broken cantaloupe somewhere between nothingness and nectarine i’ve been smiling at the dust on the bookshelf are you listening
brush them off walk down the hall memories look like cobwebs as they fall
disappointed, disappoint me
i’ve been living in broken cantaloupe somewhere between nothingness and nectarine in a dark room where our colors develop are you listening
i’m just trying to understand death you say you love something but then it’s not there how could you love something at all
Track Name: Smoke Rings On The Fingers Of
smoke rings on the fingers of. something in the fog pointing at me says he thought i was someone else sometimes i’m somebody else to me
thought breathes and lingers above my head and my lungs are you feeling alright
sadie looks like a litterbug she loves getting up into the trash
our songs aren’t sung our songs are smoke rings
she says she’s been dreaming of forgetting your name
i just forgot my name
Track Name: It Was Heavy, It Was Light
it was heavy, it was light. have some it’ll turn you into one of us
consciousness descends your feeling like it won't be around again the perpetual smile and the void on my chest
it was heavy, it was light you’re seeing darker forms of life it was dumb, it was bright everyone’s asking do you have the time the time’s a knife
i was born and i was not and that’s all i’ve ever thought about
it’s true somethings are meant to be unknown hiding in the void staring back at me
how do you know